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"the No1 training academy LTD"

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Welcome to 'the No1 training academy LTD' @ Hair Tanning Beauty By Claire H.

At “the No1 training academy LTD” we pride ourselves in delivering specialist courses to suit every individual.  We have currently been an established salon for over 7 years, with over 14 year’s experience, within the hair... and beauty industry.   Having recently gained my full teaching qualifications,  I am now in the position to fulfill my DREAM of sharing and providing my expertise and experience through teaching to each and every individual that wishes to progress within this professional rewarding industry, thus safe guarding a successful career.  
There will be multiple opportunities in the near future, for further progression routes, please do not hesitate to ask a member of our teaching staff for further information.  I will keep everyone updated in due course with new and current courses available.  

I have great pleasure in presenting and sharing my very own unique teaching philosophy (my belief, concepts and attitude towards teaching).  

I am a teacher educator because I want to be a part of changing lives.  Realising this is not straight forward to accomplish, I know education is where I can have the greatest impact.  I have the utmost confidence that every individual is able strive for success in their academic and vocational performance.  Although for individuals to realise this I shall try my best to promote growth by employing creativity, stressing the importance of education, as well as giving my learners the freedom to think and discover knowledge.  I appreciate that each different individual is unique therefore any ideas, opinions, criticisms and suggestions from them will be taken into consideration.  These aspects are essential towards planning and developing more comprehensive sessions that will benefit each individual in the long run.
My learners need opportunities to collaborate with each other, as well as myself to encourage, learn and gain the expertise needed to succeed.  For this to be effective I feel my learners must have the opportunity to take responsibility, with monitored guidance and encouragement throughout their vocational courses.   Upon doing this learners are able to share with others the knowledge they have already gained, whilst realising the things they have not yet discovered.  I want my learners to become empowered by their own learning and development as hairdressers.  My goal is to teach the whole person, i.e. the cognitive, affective and behavioural dimensions of the human being.  Believing an effective teaching environment, must incorporate tailored sessions to individualise learning.  This in effect helps to appreciate the potential that resides within all of us, the potential to make the best use of our minds and hearts – moulding behaviours that will make the world a better place. 
My learners are my main priority and I am aware that each of them has individual needs.  This ranging from learning needs, learning styles, skills, ability, personal circumstances and programmes.   Therefore I believe that by creating a ‘student centred’ learning environment, learners will be able to manage their self learning with assistance from myself where ever necessary.  This will promote a sense of responsibility to my learners helping them achieve their desired learning goals.  To ensure this can be achieved, I as a teacher will provide coached hairdressing sessions and theory training, using the upmost teaching methods and resources available to facilitate my learners throughout the learning process.   I will continue to evaluate at the end of my teaching sessions, recording both positive and negative outcomes allowing myself to indentify strengths and rectify weaknesses.  By doing so, I will be able to achieve self satisfaction and success in my teaching. 
As a teacher I do not have solutions to all problems and I believe it is healthy for my learners to see this, therefore this in turn will encourage the whole session including me to work as a team, to deal with contraindications regarding each hairdressing topics.  To embrace these contraindications creates an opportunity for new understandings. 
I am always open to new ideas and suggestions ‘CPD’ relating to my teaching practice and specialism ‘hairdressing’.   I will achieve this through teamwork and attending standardisation meetings with fellow colleagues, discussing for example; generic teaching methods and ways to application.  Further progression by ways of ongoing research, attending educational seminars and forum participation, will allow me to prosper. 
My personal point of view ‘a teacher should dare to be different’.  I will ensure my sessions within the salon environment to be relevant and appropriate to my learners so they can relate everything they learn in the salon to the ‘real’ working environment.     I want my learners to understand that the professional world they will inhabit will offer them a brighter future and with my support and encouragement they will begin to value effort and determination to succeed.

‘DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE, SUCEED’     “Registered & Protected”



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