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now has courses fully accredited by

We now have courses fully accredited by and there will be more added to our directory in the coming weeks. We have listed below some of the advantages of course accreditation.  


The Guild Of Beauty Therapists is the largest trade body in the professional
beauty sector.


In order for a course to be approved, it must meet the National Occupational Standards (NOS) requirements.


What is the purpose of Guild Accreditation for private training schools?
Before we can provide insurance to a therapist who holds training certificates from private schools colleges, we need to make sure that they have been properly trained to carry out the treatments they want to provide. The only way we can be sure of this is by accrediting the content of the private training and checking that the training providers are themselves properly qualified.


Does this mean that if a student takes a training course which is Guild accredited they will they be able to get insurance?
Yes.  All training courses that are accredited by the Guild are accepted for
membership and insurance by the Guild.


How can I see which schools are courses are accredited by the Guild?
The Guild's accreditation process is completely transparent. All accredited schools and courses are listed in the Training Directory on the website.




Click here to see us on training directory.






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